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Welcome to Surrogate Partner Therapy

  • Posted on February 1, 2020 at

Your surrogate partner therapist“A surrogate partner therapist can help you bridge the gap of intimacy between your physical and psychological worlds.”   ~ Dr Tamar Reilly

Dr Tamar Reilly – Surrogate Partner

With a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality, a Certified Somatic Sexuality Specialist and an IPSA trained sex surrogate, Tamar takes a hands-on, holistic approach to addressing anxiety, body-image issues, sexual concerns and other common difficulties that hinder sensual intimacy. She has a unique ability to create a safe space to focus on the present, touch your heart, soothe your vulnerability, and restore your self-confidence. Her commitment to the well being of her clients and humanistic approach to surrogate partner therapy can be life transforming. Tamar is located in Malibu California.